22 June, 2011

Book #5 - Cryer's Cross

Cryer's Cross - Lisa McMann
Days I Read It: 20/6 - 20/6
Rating: 4 Stars
GoodReads; Amazon

*Sidenotes- This would be the 6th book, but it took me three days to read Blood Magic.

The community of Cryer’s Cross, Montana (population 212) is distraught when high school freshman Tiffany disappears without a trace. Already off-balance due to her OCD, 16-year-old Kendall is freaked out seeing Tiffany’s empty desk in the one-room school house, but somehow life goes on... until Kendall's boyfriend Nico also disappears, and also without a trace. Now the town is in a panic. Alone in her depression and with her OCD at an all-time high, Kendall notices something that connects Nico and Tiffany: they both sat at the same desk. She knows it's crazy, but Kendall finds herself drawn to the desk, dreaming of Nico and wondering if maybe she, too, will disappear...and whether that would be so bad. Then she begins receiving graffiti messages on the desk from someone who can only be Nico. Can he possibly be alive somewhere? Where is he? And how can Kendall help him? The only person who believes her is Jacian, the new guy she finds irritating...and attractive. As Kendall and Jacian grow closer, Kendall digs deeper into Nico's mysterious disappearance only to stumble upon some ugly—and deadly—local history. Kendall is about to find out just how far the townspeople will go to keep their secrets buried.

--from goodreads.com--

16 June, 2011

Book #4 - Wild Child

Wild Child - Mike Wells
Days I Read It: 16/6 - 16/6
Rating: 4 Stars
GoodReads; Amazon

*Sidenote- This would be the 5th book, but it took me four days to read Divergent.*

Briana Fox is the wildest girl in school. She and Kyle have been close for a long time...almost lovers. But Kyle is afraid that if he pushes her, he'll have his heart broken and lose his best friend. When Briana challenges him to a swim across the lake, she's injured in a horrific accident, but she discovers a mysterious substance in an underwater cave that saves her life. What seems to be a magical yet harmless "power drug" invokes superhuman abilities, and Briana soon becomes dependent on it for her very survival. When two government agents learn of the discovery, they will stop at nothing to find the source and turn Briana into a human experiment. Is Kyle willing to risk everything to protect his love?

--from goodreads.com--

12 June, 2011

Book #3 - The Lipstick Laws

The Lipstick Laws - Amy Holder
Days I Read It: 10/6 - 11/6
Rating: 4.5 Stars
GoodReads; Amazon

*Sidenotes: Amy sent me a signed copy!!! (pic @ the bottom)*

At Penford High School, Britney Taylor is the queen bee. She dates whomever she likes, rules over her inner circle of friends like Genghis Khan, and can ruin anyone's life with a snap of perfectly manicured fingers. Just ask the unfortunate few who have crossed her. For April Bowers, Britney is also the answer to her prayers. April is so unpopular, kids don't even know she exists. But one lunch spent at Britney's table, and April is basking in the glow of popularity. But Britney's friendship comes with a high price tag. How much is April willing to pay?

--from goodreads.com--

Isn't she marvelous?! :D

09 June, 2011

Book #2 - Falling Under

Falling Under - Gwen Hayes
Days I Read It: 8/6 - 9/6
Rating: 5 Stars
GoodReads; Amazon

*Sidenotes- This cover is absolutely beautiful!!!*

Theia Alderson has always led a sheltered life in the small California town of Serendipity Falls. But when a devastatingly handsome boy appears in the halls of her school, Theia knows she's seen Haden before- not around town, but in her dreams.

As the Haden of both the night and the day beckons her closer one moment and pushes her away the next, the only thing Theia knows for sure is that the incredible pull she feels towards him is stronger than her fear.

And when she discovers what Haden truly is, Theia's not sure if she wants to resist him, even if the cost is her soul.

--from goodreads.com--

08 June, 2011

Book #1 - Clarity

Clarity - Kim Harrington
Days I Read It: 6/6 - 7/6
Rating: 4 Stars
GoodReads; Amazon

When you can see things others can't, where do you look for the truth?

This paranormal murder mystery will have teens reading on the edge of their seats.

Clarity "Clare" Fern sees things. Things no one else can see. Things like stolen kisses and long-buried secrets. All she has to do is touch a certain object, and the visions come to her. It's a gift.

And a curse.

When a teenage girl is found murdered, Clare's ex-boyfriend wants her to help solve the case - but Clare is still furious at the cheating jerk. Then Clare's brother - who has supernatural gifts of his own - becomes the prime suspect, and Clare can no longer look away. Teaming up with Gabriel, the smoldering son of the new detective, Clare must venture into the depths of fear, revenge, and lust in order to track the killer. But will her sight fail her just when she needs it most?

--from goodreads.com--

I'm not sure how this is going to work...

...but I'm gonna try. I saw something similar to this on A Book a Day. She is trying to read one book everyday. However, I don't have a lot of time to read, nor do I speed read very often. So I'm going to see if I can read one book in two days. For some occasions, like when school starts again, it might be changed to three. But two is a good goal for the summer :).

I would love for you to follow me and cheer me on! If you even have suggestions of books that I can read, feel free to leave them in the comments.

I'm going to get started now. I finished Clarity (by Kim Harrington) yesterday, and actually read it in two days, so the 6th will stand as the starting date for this challenge. I'm only on page 34 in Falling Under (by Gwen Hayes). Wish me luck!!

~Zakiya LadyWings<3