25 March, 2012

Book #23 - Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon - CL Bevill
Days I Read It: 28/1 - 29/1
Rating: 4 stars
GoodReads, Amazon

Emma is a member of the Cat Clan. She is an animal shifter who was brutally turned when she was only fourteen years old. Wheeler is the leader of the Cat Clan. He is another shifter who brought Emma into his realm when he scented her presence in another state. Because of her violent introduction to the world of weres, Wheeler has been dancing around Emma for years, waiting for her to adjust and realize their innate attraction. On the cusp of that relationship, Emma is taken by a group of humans that ruthlessly use shifters as big game and experimentation. Both will fight to overcome circumstances. Emma will battle to survive. Wheeler will struggle to find Emma before it’s too late.

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